Diana Casabar, Contemporary Jewelry Metalsmith


I began my career as a metalsmith in 1995 after having been a hospital administrator.  I have taken classes through the Craft Guild of Dallas, the Florida Society of Goldsmiths and from various artists around the world. 

My current body of work is hammered on both sides using the ancient techniques of Chasing and Repousse, Shell Forming, Fabrication and Raising.  I feel that jewelry should be a daily extension of your mood, and therefore, I like to make symbols to represent how you feel for the day.  Or how you NEED to feel for the day!  What thrills me most is finding out how I can transform the metal with bold, strong strikes, bending, and heating so it expresses togetherness, shows the love, and becomes a soft, fragile beautiful creation.

If you put on the jewelry I make, and you are empowered to tackle the day, I've done my job.

Who Am I?

Please follow me on Facebook at Diana Casabar, Metalsmith, where you can see pictures of the jewelry as I make it.